MD MESSAGE | Welcome to Zoom Petroleum (Pvt) Ltd.


Message from Managing Director:

mehar arshad

The Managing Director of Zoom Petroleum (Pvt.) is Mr. Mehar Arshad Mahmood, having experience of more than 25 years in oil market.

Message From Managing Director:

“Welcome to the website of Zoom Petroleum (Pvt.) Ltd. We have made steady and significant progress and are proud of our accomplishments. As we develop our corporate structure, we are also working towards building our growth momentum to become an established leader in the business. Zoom Petroleum has established a visible presence in the market. We have laid a strong market foundation through our operations and are wholly committed to serving the community. Furthermore we wish to expand this business by setting up depots and retail outlets across Pakistan to meet the increasing demand for oil. We are a customer oriented company and wish to establish long term business relationships with you. Please browse our website to learn more about our company and let us know if you need any further information. We are open to suggestion and feedback of our valued customer and will be glad to respond promptly.”

(Mehar Arshad Mehmood)